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Let's Give Thanks

The Jesus Story

The Elephant In The Room

Life Apps

A Question We Must Answer

Enter With Thanksgiving

Love Song

Loved First

Loving God, Loving People

The Test

The Sheep’s Responsibility to Their Shepherds

Views of the Resurrection

In My Memory

Contagious Christianity

3 On 3

Community of Believers

A Sharp Dressed Man

Looking For Leaders

The As Is Tag

Free Indeed???

Changing My Critical Attitude Towards Others

Elder Comission Service 

The Games People Play

Renaissance Church 

Christmas Songs

This Year Will be Different

Why I Love Park Central

Throw Your Hearts Over The Hedge


What Difference Does Easter Make?

Saved By The Belles - Mothers Day 

A Mothers Love - Mothers Day

Power Tools - Fathers Day

What Happens If You Flop At 40? 

Lifestyles of the Broken and Shameful

The Blessing of Deacons 

Dealing With Heart Disease

No Vacancy

The Real Story Of Christmas


The Sermon On The Mount 

A Father's Day Prayer 

Imagination: How To Beat The Fear Factor. Lecture for the Tulsa Workshop


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