Lagniappe \'lan-,yap\   -Noun.  Chiefly Southern Louisiana and Southeast Texas. A small gift given for good measure; bonus. An unexpected or indirect benefit.


The pages here are not sermons, but rather other things that might be helpful for you in your ministry. 

Dreamer Meetings  happen when I begin a new work. I like to take some time to talk with the Church Family because I believe that it is importiant to spend some time being open and honest with one another. I want to help the church dream of what God can do through our congergation, if we are only willing to follow where He leads. There are four meetings. 

How Did We Get Here? This is a history of the Churches of Christ. We start looking at the early church, and what were the big moments that caused the church to change their course. 

Learning to Lead in Worship is a class I teach in our congregation. I got the idea for this class while working with Jerrie Barber. The material is original with him and I have made adaptations where I thought necessary. 

Moving Principles is a collection of reflections made during the moving process. The idea to write these thoughts down were orginally Jerrie Barber's but as I have moved I made several changes and additions to his orginal work. I hope that this will help you if you are ever faced with the difficult prospect of finding a new Church Family to work with. 

Pre-martial Counseling Before I marry any couple I like to get to know them better and hopefully give them a chance to talk about something they would not have talked about if we hadn't met. I have included the material I use and I hope it will be helpful for you. 

Salvation Study is a Bible study that I started working on when I was doing youth work. It is the same study I used with my sons when they started questioning their standing with God. I wanted to make sure they were in the Scriptures finding out what God has done for them, and their respoonse to God's amazing grace. 

Seven Guidelines For Growth are a set of principles that I have adapted for the Greenbrier Family. I got the skeleton for these ideas from a retreat that I was able to attend with Dale Jenkins and several other ministers in Pigeon Forge.

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