If you are privileged enough to work with God's people then you know that there are so many demands on your time.  It is my hope that you will be able to use some of the material here as you lead God's people closer to Him.


It is my desire with this site to share what the Lord has allowed me to do. I hope that you will be able to find some solace and help with the sermons that I have prepared and delivered. All of the sermons you will find here were presented during my time with the Greenbrier Church of Christ and others that I presented while at other works. Some of them are original with me, some of them are from an idea I got from another source and reworked, and some of them I borrowed heavily from other people and friends. 

Solomon said that there was nothing new under the sun and that would include these sermons. It is my prayer that you will be able to use some of what you find here to advance the borders of the Lords kingdom. 

Most of the sermons have PowerPoint slides that I would be happy to e-mail to you if you are interested. If there is a PowerPoint set that you would like to have or if you find this site helpful please let me know by dropping me an e-mail

In Him, 

Jeremy Houck <><

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